My 10 Favourite Travel Essentials

Hi Wanderers,

I thought I would switch it up a little and talk about my ten favourite items to bring along on vacation. A few of the items are most suitable for a beach getaway, but the rest of them can be used on any type of vacation. My favourite travel essentials are really just feel good items used to pamper and care for yourself while travelling. Who doesn’t love that?!

I have a wide variety of products that I’m going to show you – from beauty and skincare, to food, and even a camera. Sooo let’s get to it!

1. Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzer

This bronzer is gorgeous!! I watched MUAs on YouTube use this product for a while and finally gave in. This isn’t a cheap bronzer, but let me tell you, this product will last you a lifetime. I’ve had mine for a few years now and I’ve hardly made a dent in it. It’s a beautiful cream product that is easily build-able on your skin and is more natural looking (I like to think). I love bringing this bronzer on vacation. It looks great on a fresh face with minimal makeup for a nice glowy look, or add it to a full glam face and you’ll look like a bronzed goddess. Hands down, this bronzer is a 10/10. I use a Sigma angled brush to apply it.

Buy it here: Bronzer – Nordstrom for $50 USD, Brush – Sigma Beauty for $25.00 USD



2. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea

This facial spray is super refreshing. I like using this product as a pick me up on the plane, while lounging on the beach, or after washing my face before bed. It feels nice and soothing on sun-kissed, or in my case, sun burnt skin. It comes in a range of sizes, but I have the smallest one which is perfect for travelling and can be carried onto the plane.

Buy it here: Ulta Beauty for $5.00 USD


3. Tony Moly I’m Real Mask Sheets

These masks are amazing! There are many different varieties to choose from depending on the desired result. My favourites are the aloe mask sheet for moisturizing and the peach mask sheet. The packing is adorable and if you know me, I am a sucker for packaging. These masks are easy to pack and nice after a long day in the sun to rejuvenate and hydrate your skin. This is an easy and inexpensive way to pamper yourself on vacation. I warn you though, you will look super creepy with it on. If you need a little entertainment, put it on in the dark and sneak up on your loved ones…

Buy it here: Ulta Beauty for $3.75 USD


4. Cover Girl LashBlast Volume Waterproof Mascara

This is my all time fav waterproof mascara. It’s been my ride or die for a verrryyy long time. This is my go-to mascara when I’m travelling because it’s perfect if you’re swimming, breaking a sweat from hiking, or crying because you don’t want to leave whatever beautiful place you’re in. Ha, it’s true that I usually cry when I have to say goodbye to my vacation. Not because I don’t want to go home, but because I fall in love with every place that I go. The great thing about this mascara is that it’s a drugstore product and super affordable.

Buy it here: Ulta Beauty for $8.99 USD


5. Sun Bum Sunscreen Lip Balm SPF 30

Love this lip balm! It doesn’t feel heavy on your lips and keeps them protected from the sun. The coconut smell is perfect for a tropical beach vacation. If you aren’t a coconut fan, don’t worry, this product comes in many other yummy scents as well.

Buy it here: Ulta Beauty for $3.99 USD


6. Bath & Body Works Sand & Salt Body Scrubs

I love these all the time. My favourites are the beach themed ones because the smells are perfect for vacation. I love the scrubs from the Hawaii collection most, but unfortunately, I don’t think they have this exact collection anymore. I’ve linked something similar below. I’m currently using Waikiki and my absolute favourite was Honolulu. I also have it in the body cream and body spray. These sand and salt scrubs are perfect for exfoliating and removing dead skin cells. If you wax, using a product like this regularly will help minimize ingrown hairs and will leave your skin silky smooth. When using this product at home, close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and prepare to be carried away to paradise.

Buy it here: Bath & Body Works for $13.38 USD


7. Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-wheat Leave In Conditioner

As amazing as salty ocean hair is and the perfect authentic beach wave, there is nothing more annoying than unmanageable, painfully tangled hair. I don’t know about you, but I can’t even run my fingers through my hair after swimming in the ocean. I always carry this spray in my beach bag, spritz a few pumps into my hair after getting out of the water and the tangles are immediately gone. This leave in conditioner is great to use even if your hair is feeling dry or when you get out of the shower. I strongly recommend this one!

Buy it here: Ulta Beauty for $8.97 USD


8. A Cute Towel

I bought my circle towel a year ago in Costa Rica and it has been on every vacation since. You can find these everywhere and are super popular right now. I love the jumbo size of mine. My hubby and I can sit on it together or it can double as a good size blanket. It’s also nice for taking cute pictures (bonus!).

Buy it here: Zaful for $10 USD and up



9. SoLo Energy Bars

I love packing these bars when we travel. They taste amazing!! They are packed with protein and are the perfect snack. Since we are always hiking, swimming, or surfing on vacation, these are great to have and fit nicely in a small bag. I mean, I get extra hungry just sitting in the sun too, so these are just good to have all the time. They also have tons of amazing flavours. My favourites are Lemon Lift, Dark Chocolate Mandarin and White Chocolate Cherry.

Buy it here: Amazon for $23.99 USD (12 pack)


10. Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera

This item is certainly not necessary but nice to have on any trip. Its compact size makes it easy to pack and the photos are the cutest. I still love looking at printed images and Polaroid vacation photos are such a nice souvenir. This camera is super easy to use – point, shoot and instant print. The pictures will turn out pretty good (as long as you adjust the basic settings on the front of the camera first). This is a fun item to pack and everyone seems to love it! If you’re in the market for one of these, they come in many fun colours as well.

Buy it here: Camera – Amazon for $56.93 USD, Film – Amazon $13.44 USD



Well, there you have it, my ten favourite items to travel with. I’ll be getting ready to pack soon and will be bringing many of these things with me. I would love to hear what your favourites are too! Let me know what I’m missing in my life in the comments below.

Happy Travels,


14 thoughts on “My 10 Favourite Travel Essentials

  1. What an excellent list! We have similar taste. That CoverGirl Lash Blast mascara is my absolute all time favourite. And the BBW Waikiki is also a favourite of mine! I definitely need to keep in mind to try that Sun Bum Sunscreen Lip Balm – it’s not easy to find a good lip balm with high SPF.


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